Comparison Between Butyl and Natural Rubber Stoppers of Oral Liquid Bottle

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Comparison Between Butyl and Natural Rubber Stoppers of Oral Liquid Bottle

Aug. 30, 2021

We know that after the oral liquid is put into the bottle, the required bottle seal (rubber stopper) must have the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting, good air tightness, heat resistance, aging resistance, low folding property and purity of the material. , Oral liquid bottle butyl rubber meets the above conditions to a greater extent. Today let us compare the two of them.

Oral liquid bottle combination stopper is a new type of cap combined with an aluminum cap and a rubber cap. This cap is mainly used for the packaging of antibiotic powder injections, infusion preparations, freeze-dried agents and oral liquid preparations. It is a one-time use. The outer packaging products.


The Natural Rubber Stoppers

The natural rubber used in natural rubber stoppers is made of latex and contains non-rubber components. However, these non-rubber components make the rubber easy to absorb moisture and mold, provide suitable conditions for the growth of mold, and have poor safety. Some of the components contained may also cause cancer or cause deformities. In addition, it easily reacts with medicines and deteriorates medicines.

Natural rubber has been eliminated due to its impurity, poor chemical resistance and poor sealing performance.


The Butyle Rubber Stoppers


Comparison Between Butyl and Natural Rubber Stoppers of Oral Liquid Bottle

        Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper for Injection/ Infusion

But the butyl rubber stopper is made of synthetic elastic material, which has the advantages of sealing, chemical stability and biological safety. It is an ideal packaging material to replace the natural rubber stopper. The oral liquid bottle uses a butyl rubber stopper. After the medicine bottle is sterilized at high temperature, the butyl rubber stopper has higher expansion performance than natural rubber stoppers and has greater resilience (this is caused by the difference in molecular structure). The characteristics that can improve the quality of drug storage and the safety of use have been recognized and widely adopted internationally. However, due to the high process and raw material costs of butyl rubber stoppers, the price of rubber stoppers is significantly higher than that of natural rubber stoppers.


Two Types of Butyl Rubber Stoppers


The Chlorinated Butyl Rubber Stoppers

The chlorinated butyl rubber stopper generally adopts a non-sulfur vulcanization system, and the product has good heat resistance and low odor during high temperature sterilization; because the rubber does not contain epoxy soybean oil, it is not easy to cause wall hanging, opalescence, etc. after contacting the product phenomenon.


The Bromobutyl Rubber Stoppers

The bromobutyl rubber stoppers are generally vulcanized with sulfur, which has poor heat resistance. Because bromine is more active, it is easy to produce a smell similar to rotten eggs (suspected as HBr or H2S gas) during high temperature sterilization. At the same time, the system needs to use a vulcanizing agent, which has a greater impact on the hemolysis test of the rubber stopper.

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