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Aluminium Flip Off Seal

Aluminium Flip Off Seal. Used for sealing of bottles.

Product Description

Product Description

Aluminium Flip Off Seal. Used for sealing of bottles.

Proper sealing is essential for the correct closure of medicine bottles. XIANGYI aluminum flip off seals are used for consistent and reliable crimping in a controlled environment. At the same time, XIANGYI aluminum flip off seals comply with medical hygiene standards, clean crimping, cleaning, certification, and disinfection (CCS) seals. Aseptic crimping in a high-grade environment. It helps prevent contaminants from entering the vial and seal the parenteral packaging. In addition, the seal helps protect the injection site on the vial stopper. The recommended seal consists of an aluminum shell and plastic.

Aluminium Flip Off Seal Advantage:

1. High cleanliness standard. There are clean workshops of class 10,000 and some of class 100, equipped with American imported air conditioning units;

2. Superior service system, with professional technical personnel, to provide customers with supporting and personalized services at any time;

3. Supply well-known domestic antibiotic and biological vaccine manufacturers.

Material OF flip off seals

Aluminium and polypropylene

Size and color: 


Aluminium Flip Off Seal produce process

Note of Aluminium Flip Off Seal produce process:

The dashed parts represent the processes are required to implement under D Level cleaning area.

* Represent the key control points.