Rubber Stopper

Rubber Stopper

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Rubber Stopper

Rubber Vial Stopper

Xiangyi provides ready-made crimp vials, rubber stoppers and seals, which can be customized for any application. Our vail stopper improves stability by forming an airtight seal, rubber stoppers, rubber seals, and/or plastic caps to ensure safety of samples.

application of vial stopper:

The ampoule sits on the spring inside the vial. Seal the vial and ampoule with a stopper and closure.

Designed for lyophilization and freeze- drying applications 4, 5 and 10 mL size Screw threads eliminate use of crimp

Specially designed for aluminum airtight bottles Two-legged design, reducing the possibility of the legs sticking together. Gray high-grade butyl rubber, freeze-dried style